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As the face of Nova Team Australia in the Cessnock, North Coast, and Port Stephens areas, Kyle takes pride in serving his community with efficient and reliable service.

When it comes to finding the perfect solution for your shower screens or wardrobes, Kyle is the ultimate expert you want by your side. As a qualified glazier with 8 years of hands-on experience crafting shower screens on the factory floor and installing them, Kyle brings a unique blend of expertise and craftsmanship to every projects.

As a director and co-owner of Nova Team Australia, Kyle is not just another sales rep – he is a seasoned professional who understands every aspect of the job from the ground up. He approaches each project with a practical mindset, taking time to understand your requirements and preferences, offering personalized recommendations that exceed expectations!

At Nova Team, we believe in combining hands-on experience with exceptional customer service, and Kyle embodies this philosophy perfectly. His commitment to excellence and thorough understanding of the industry make him a trusted partner for all your glass and joinery needs.