Vitroglaze Solution in Newcastle, AU

No showerscreen is complete without it!

Vitroglaze is a permanent nano coating that prevents the adhesion and build-up of contaminants onto your shower glass surface.

The once-only application makes grime & soap scum easier to clean by up to 90%!

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Powder coating is available for non-standard frame colours on request. *Additional charges apply

The Vitroglaze Advantage

Vitroglaze is a permanent glass coating that will prevent the adhesion and build up of contaminants onto the glass surface. It also provides water and oil repellent properties.

Working similar to non-stick cookware your glass becomes easier to clean without the need for harsh chemicals.

Vitroglaze® has been designed to protect any silica based surface such as glass, granite, porcelain, and ceramic tiles, and significantly reduces the time and effort required to maintain these surfaces by up to 90%.

Glass is not as smooth as it seems

The seemingly smooth surface of glass contains microscopic ridges and valleys that create a favourable environment for the buildup of glass surface contamination like soap scum, mineral stains, hard water deposits and grime.

In time, the glass surface will visibly dull and become difficult to clean. This will result in high maintenance and premature replacement costs due to deterioration.

Properties of Vitroglaze

  • UV-A Stability
    No macroscopial change of appearance upon accelerated 2000 h exposition
    (irradiation at 300 – 425 nm).
  • Thermal Stablility
    Excellent performance up to 300ºC over extended periods.
  • Chemical Resistance
    No degradation upon interaction with strong acids and alkaline environment.
  • Optical Appearance
    Invisible nanocoat glass protection, homogenous, nano-scale film thickness.

Beneficial Effects on the Surface

  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobicity
    Easy to clean surfaces, stick prevention, anti-graffiti coatings, super repellency (wetting angles up to 150).
  • Drastically Reduced Bacterial Growth
    Antifouling properties, antithrombotic effect.
  • Efficiency
    ~ optimum concentration in various applications.
    ~ formation of nm-scale films.
    ~ low penetration into dense porous materials:
    (marble 0.2-2mm, grout 0.2-3mm, granite 0.2-2mm)
  • Lime scale prevention
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