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Elegance Redefined: Discover Nova Team's Custom Made Mirror Solutions

No bathroom is complete without a perfect custom wall mirror. At Nova Team, we are dedicated to transforming spaces with our exquisite range of mirrors, from framed to bevelled edge options. As the leading manufacturer and supplier of wardrobes, showerscreens, splashbacks, and joinery, Nova Team takes pride in crafting mirror solutions that elevate your surroundings.

Polished Edge Mirror
Framed Mirror
Framed Mirror
Bevelled Edge Mirror

Artistic Custom Made Mirror Options

Explore our carefully curated selection, featuring polished edge, framed and bevelled edge mirrors.


Elevate your decor with a framed custom mirror from Nova Team. Our collection combines functionality and style, offering a range of frame designs to complement any space. Choose from sleek modern frames to timeless classics, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

Polished Edge

Nova Team offers polished edge mirrors for a clean and refined look. The smooth, polished edges not only enhance the mirror’s appearance but also add a touch of modern elegance to your space. Enjoy a custom cut mirror that seamlessly blends with the rest of the room.

Bevelled Edge

Discover the timeless charm of bevelled edge mirrors at Nova Team. The bevelled edges create a subtle yet striking visual effect. Choose from various shapes and sizes to enhance the overall aesthetic of your space with this classic and versatile mirror option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom wall mirrors offer a tailored solution to fit your unique space. Nova Team’s expertise lies in creating mirrors that perfectly complement your bathroom. Each one is custom made to include holes, cut outs and wall run outs as required.

Our skilled professionals expertly install bathroom mirrors, securing them safely to the wall. With precision and care, Nova Team ensures a sturdy and reliable installation, providing lasting peace of mind.

The best shape depends on your preferences and the overall design of your space. Whether it’s the classic elegance of a rectangular mirror or the modern flair of a circular design, Nova Team offers a variety of shapes to suit your style and enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Elevate Your Space with a Custom Mirror

Choose Nova Team for our commitment to innovative mirror designs, ensuring your space reflects not just light but also your unique style. We offer prompt and reliable consultation and installation, and guarantee you a quality product.

 Explore our full range or request a personalised consultation to transform your space. Your mirror masterpiece awaits – Discover Your Reflective Elegance with Nova Team now!

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