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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Kitchen Build: Where to Start

Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Kitchen Build in Newcastle

If you’re planning to build a kitchen, thinking ahead goes a long way towards minimising budget blowouts and ensuring you end up with a practical and beautiful space you’re happy with. Nova Team specialise in kitchen renovation and building services throughout Newcastle and surrounding areas in New South Wales. Below, we outline some key tips for planning your kitchen build.

Outline Your Vision and Goals

Start by articulating your vision and goals for the ideal kitchen. Every household uses their kitchen differently. Thinking about the workflow of the space in terms of everyday use:

● How many people are likely to cook at the same time?
● What kind of dimensions and floor area will you have to work with?
● Do you want an open or closed-off kitchen?
● Are you looking to make your kitchen a social or entertainment space as well as a meal prep area?

Consider the layout of your kitchen build in relation to where windows and doors are positioned. Keep in mind that refrigerators, sinks and cooktops may only work in specific areas depending on available space and electrical, plumbing and gas connections.

Budgeting for Success

Decide how much you want to spend, setting a realistic budget and sticking to it. Look into the costs of materials you want early. Create a priority list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Is maximising cabinet storage space most important or adding a stone benchtop? Supplementing custom cabinetry with open shelving or a stone benchtop with a glass or laminate one are a couple of ways to reduce costs depending on your priorities.

Drawing Inspiration

Explore kitchen designs and layouts online and from existing kitchen spaces you’ve inhabited for inspiration on your design preferences. Consider these alongside any practical limitations you may have around budget or space. An island kitchen bench should ideally have around a metre of walking space each side, for example.

Optimising Layout and Functionality

Various kitchen layouts in Australia are popular to cater to different needs, design preferences and available space. Here are a few of the examples and their benefits:

● L-shaped – arranges countertops and cabinets along two adjacent walls, allowing for efficient workflow in smaller spaces.

● U-shaped – arranges countertops and cabinetry along three adjacent walls, making it an efficient and organised arrangement for busy kitchens.

● Island – features a freestanding countertop in the centre of the kitchen for extra workspace, storage and space for socialising and dining.

● Peninsula – like the island with one side connected to a wall or countertop for kitchens with limited space for a freestanding island.

● Galley – features two parallel walls with countertops and cabinets, creating a compact and efficient workspace.

● Open-plan – blends the kitchen with the living or dining areas for greater connectivity and openness.

Find what works for your lifestyle, available space and personal preference. Remember to focus on your sink when considering workflow, ensuring at least 45 cm of space either side for ideal kitchen functionality.

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