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How to Choose the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

How to Choose a Wardrobe for Your Bedroom in Newcastle

Wardrobes may only come second to beds in terms of essential bedroom furniture. Choosing the right wardrobe fitout often means finding the right balance between style and functionality. Nova Team specialises in custom built-in wardrobes in Newcastle, Beresfield and surrounding areas in New South Wales. Below, we outline some key tips for choosing the right wardrobe for your space.

Freestanding vs Built-In Wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes allow you to move the piece of furniture in and out of different rooms and homes, but nothing beats the sleek style and convenience offered by a built-in custom wardrobe. It allows you to customise the size, materials, layout, colours, finishes and accessories according to your specific preferences.

Style Harmony

Create a sense of harmony to your interior stylings by matching your custom wardrobe with the theme of your bedroom furniture and interior details. Opt for a more decorative design, for example, if your bedroom has ornate interiors. For a cleaner, more minimalist home, opt for subtle sliding doors with colours matching the walls or full length mirrors. Ensure all design aesthetics, including finishes, colours and detailing on your wardrobe, compliment your bedroom space and create visual harmony.

Practicality and Functionality

Consider what kind of storage features you need for your clothing collection, looking at features like shelves, drawers and hanging space. Some people may need a lot of hanging space for formal wear, for example, while others need multiple drawers to store a lot of accessories. Opt for storage features that suit your particular needs and maximise usable space in creative ways.


Wardrobe fitout materials can range from more affordable options like plastic, particleboard and MDF (medium-density fibreboard) to solid timber, metal and glass. Select durable materials for reliability and longevity on components like sliding doors. Particle board reinforced by melamine is suitable for internal shelving components, ensuring adequate strength and moisture resistance.

Hinge vs Sliding Wardrobes

Choose from a hinge style or a sliding door depending on your preferences and space requirements. Sliding wardrobes with doors that run smoothly across dual tracks offer a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic while also saving on space. Create an elegant, stylish look with full-sized mirror doors or opt for supa white glass, natural timber or painted timber depending on the style of the room. If you prefer a traditional, hinged wardrobe style, the Nova wardrobes team is happy to accommodate with custom fixtures and door stylings designed to suit your space.

Customise Your Space in Newcastle With Nova Wardrobes

If you’re interested in a tailored wardrobe fitout, contact Nova Team. We specialise in custom built-in wardrobes in Newcastle, Beresfield and surrounding areas in New South Wales. Our experts will help you achieve your dream custom wardrobe with creative and practical solutions that won’t break your budget. Call us today on 02 4044 5541 or contact us online to get a free quote.