Family Friendly Bathrooms

Family Friendly Bathrooms With a Touch of Class

Family Bathroom Ideas with a Touch of Class in Australia

Nova Team specialises in creating spaces in Australia that balance style and functionality. When designing a modern bathroom, we believe in crafting a space that is aesthetically pleasing whilst also meeting the needs of every family member. With our wide range of bathroom mirrors and shower screens, we offer the perfect blend of elegance, practicality and a touch of class.

Creating Family-Friendly Bathrooms  

Creating a family-friendly bathroom doesn’t necessitate forgoing elegance or a sense of style. With a bit of thoughtful planning, some clever design strategies and a keen eye for aesthetics, it’s entirely possible to fashion a space that satisfies and appeals to all members of the family. Nova Team excels in striking the right balance between functionality, safety and visual appeal, thus ensuring every bathroom is versatile enough to cater to diverse age groups while still maintaining an engaging and appealing design narrative.

Balance is Key

Striking a balance between sophistication and child-friendly elements is the secret to a successful family bathroom design. Think along the lines of easy-to-clean surfaces, rounded corners for safety and ample storage for everyone’s essentials.

Add a Touch of Class with Mirrors

Mirrors play a crucial role in modern bathroom designs. They serve a practical purpose, add a touch of class and create the illusion of space. Nova Team offers a diverse range of bathroom mirrors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and needs.

Safety and Style with Shower Screens

Shower screens are a staple in any modern bathroom, providing both safety and style. Nova Team provides shower screens that are durable and easy to clean, and our range of designs ensures that your bathroom retains its modern appeal.

Colour and Material Choices

Opting for a neutral colour scheme can add a timeless appeal to your bathroom. Pair with quality materials that withstand the test of time and you’ve got a bathroom that’s both elegant and practical. Consider incorporating some playful elements to keep the space kid friendly.

Smart Storage Solutions

An organised bathroom is a family-friendly bathroom. With smart storage solutions, every family member can have their dedicated space, keeping the bathroom tidy and the home harmonious.

Nova Team: Your Bathroom Specialist

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Nova Team is the partner you need to create the family-friendly bathroom of your dreams. Our focus on modern bathroom designs ensures that you will have a bathroom that’s functional and has a touch of class.

Ready to transform your bathroom into a space that caters to the whole family? Give Nova Team a call on 02 4044 5541 or fill out our contact form and let’s make your family bathroom ideas a reality.