Shower Screens - Frameless

The patch fitting shower screen system can accommodate a wide range of door positions and angles and allows the door to be opened both inwardly and outwardly to approximately 100 degrees. The door can be hung from a wall at 90 degrees or from an adjacent glass panel at 90, 180 or 135 degrees. Slight variations from these angles can be easily accommodated. The patch fitting shower screen offers optimal safety with the use of 10mm toughened glass.

Some Examples

Shower Screens - Frameless Hydro

Evolution shower enclosures are designed with the versatility to adapt to numerous applications and configurations, combined with the ease of installation and quality of components that our customers rely on.

  • Elegant and unobtrusive door pivots are colour matched to co-ordinate with the frame.
  • The integrated profile directs water back into the shower area for ease of cleaning in a modern slim line frame.

Some Examples